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About The Miller Centre

The Miller Centre Club is one of three organisations that comprise The Miller Centre, the others being The Miller Centre Trust (the Charitable Trust that owns the site) and The Miller Centre Theatre Company (the group that performs theatrical productions throughout the year).

The founders of the Miller Centre Trust were Michael and Christine Pilch.  In the mid-1970s they had the vision to establish a venue that provided first class theatrical productions in the evening and leisure activities (mainly for retired people) during the daytime. The leisure activities could be provided at a very economic cost as the Theatre would generate income to cover most of the running costs of the Miller Centre.  In exchange Club members commit time to help run the Theatre, for example: working in the box office, making scenery, serving interval refreshments, being an usher or selling programmes.

That vision became a reality when the Miller Centre opened in October 1977 - and it is still very alive today!  The Centre is named after Dorothy Miller, founder of The Caterham Players in 1945, whose group performed regularly in the local area and then at The Miller Centre after it opened.

Today the Club has over 800 members, many of whom volunteer for the various roles essential to the smooth running of the Theatre.

Club members also benefit from advance booking of seats for the shows put on by the Theatre Company and for movies screened by the Film Club.  They can also use the facilities of the Club during the daytime even if they are not taking part in activities.

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Click the image above to view Michael Pilch's account of the first year at the Miller Centre

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